Marine Biology: Day 11 – Teaching and Tide Pools

Today we traveled all the way to York, to the Coastal Ridge Elementary School, where we taught second graders a bit about marine animals and global warming. Although they barely understood what some of us were talking about, they seemed very interested in the creatures. We split up into different groups to learn about either fish, turtles, whales, or seals (?), and made crafts. One of the kids apparently had autism, but I couldn’t really tell (which is good for him, I guess?). After teaching for about half an hour, we had lunch and headed off to the nearby beach.

At the beach, we investigated a tide pool where we found tons of creatures, including a large crab and a lot of hermit crabs. There were many mussels, barnacles, and what seemed like thousands of amphipods – which at the time I called sea roaches. Seaweed completely covered the rocks in the area, and I learned that they have pockets of air to float.


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