Music Lessons: Day 2 – “Anyway, Here’s Wonderwall”

Dren and I practiced guitar for the first half of the day, and then later worked on a bit of basic piano. We decided that teaching/learning guitar is already very time consuming, and if we try to fit in both piano and guitar playing into our schedule, we may not have as much to show off as we hope to. I might end up solely teaching Dren guitar, but we’ll decide on that tomorrow.

Today, I taught Dren a few more basic songs, but with slightly more complicated strumming and chords. Today we learned: Oasis – Wonderwall, Coldplay – The Scientist, and twenty one pilots – House of Gold, and started Eric Clapton’s – Tears in Heaven. I spent an embarrassing amount of time teaching Dren the strumming pattern to Wonderwall, but on the other hand have played it so many times, I won’t forget it even if I wanted to.

As for the piano, I learned the basics of identifying and playing piano chords and their major/minor counterparts (counting keys 3 steps + 4 steps). Dren and I did some improv as well, while messing around on our respective instruments.


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