Music Lessons: Day 5 – Piano Practice

Unfortunately, Dren was unable to make it to ‘class’ today as he’s visiting his family in New York. In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to attempt what was our original plan for collabs, and learn piano all day. The first guide I found online was put out by the “Piano Genius”, a performance piano player, claiming to be able to teach ‘7 months worth of lessons in 7 hours’. Very click-baity, but I gave it a shot anyway. It turned out to be very useful and informative (though I wouldn’t say as good as it says it is). I learned the basics using a number system – counting each key by steps and half-steps, rather than just memorizing chords. By learning how to identify major and minor chord structure and how to appropriately use my left hand, I was able to play a few songs I knew on guitar (with practice). Overall, it was fun, and I had a very productive day. I may continue this in the future.


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