Music Lessons: Day 10 – Symposium + Final Reflection

Today was the big day, as we got to finally present the results of my teachings. Though I say ‘finally’, it came as a shock to see how quickly symposium time actually arrived. Dren and I, in our designated time-slot, ended up performing for a crowd (that was brought in by Sophie Lambert, the amazing and talented singer/songwriter). We performed Rivers of Babylon, Hurt, and The Scientist. Though I would’ve like to perform at least a couple more songs, I guess Dren had stage fright 😛 (only teasing of course). However, it seems that the audience loved it, as we were getting comments even after the senior dinner. We didn’t end up playing the video in front of everyone, but it’s still available online at this link:

I’d like to say that I had a lot of fun working with Dren on this ColLAB, and will miss both him and the DoI&T program. Dren was a very good student, and a relatively quick learner, though there were some things that were surprising to me. I noticed that he had trouble with completely different things, compared to when I was first learning. Though making certain chord shapes, and swapping between chords was hard for me, Dren got the hang of it right away. On the other hand, it took him hours to properly learn the strumming patterns of certain songs, while it came naturally to me. I guess this shows the difference in our instrumental backgrounds (him playing piano, me playing a bit of drums). Though I was slightly bummed that I wasn’t able to learn piano as originally planned (because of time constraints), I did end up with a bit of practice that I may continue in the future. In addition, it wasn’t too disappointing as there was more time for Dren to master the material. Thank you to Mrs. Lambert and Ms. Peterson for their support and encouragement throughout the ColLAB period, and thanks to Dren for being my disciple. It was a great experience, and I’d do it again if I could.


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